How does this work?

Hi! In essence, you get to take photos from the comfort of your own home. Just follow our simple instructions and then submit the images to our fantasy artists. We then craft your photos with our fantasy backgrounds and create magical works of art!

Can I see the instructions?

Sure! When you order, you will receive an email with the photography instructions. There is a text version and also a video version. Here is the video version if you're interested:

How long does it normally take to get my pictures?

Our normal turn around time is 7 days. However, for a slight additional cost, we also have options to speed up the delivery

How are the photos delivered?

We will email you your digital photos once we have completed them.

What about the photo rights? 

You have full rights to print and post your pictures as you please! We include a print release when we send you your completed photos.

I see something that I would like changed on my photo. What are my options?

We allow one round of revisions for free! If you see something that is bothering you with your photo, please message us and we will be happy to fix it for you!